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6 most beautiful hostels in Unilorin

The University of Ilorin is known for its highly developed student residential areas. Lots of hostels around the campus are mainly built for student accommodation purpose. Self-contain (Dorm/Condo/Studio), Single room hostels, 2 bedroom flats, 3 bedrooms flats are all types of hostels that are common around Unilorin campus.

Some common facilities in hostels around Unilorin campus include; Electricity, Borehole with running water system, tiles, wardrobe, Fence, standby generator, wall hanger, and solar panel. The following hostels were selected based on available facilities. This hostels are all located in Tanke area of Ilorin.

  1. Testimony Villa :

Testimony Villa : As seen on

This is a self-contain hostel located at Balogun street, Tanke Oke odo built in 2015. The hostel is fully tiled with running water system, security door, water closet, well painted, interlocking, borehole, and a security guard.

Hostel yearly rent is N100,000, including electricity bill and lawyer consent fee that give legal cover to both the student and the hostel owner.

  1. Lincoln hostel:

Lincoln hostel as seen on

This is a classic self-contain hostel with full tiles, borehole with running water, private bathroom, toilet and kitchen located at Balogun street, Tanke Oke odo. The compound has about 6 blocks with a floor that is fully interlocked. Lincoln hostel has a security guard that secure the hostel 24/7 every day of the year. Annual rent for Lincoln hostel, which include all charges like the electricity bill, security guard fee, and other minor charges is N110,000.

  1. Hostel 3:

Hostel 3 as seen on

If you are looking for a nice 2 bedroom flat as a student of Unilorin, this is a right pick for you as the hostel is built with modern facilities which include a POP designed wall, a store, kitchen cabinet, fenced with gate, borehole, fully tiled and also painted with glowing colour paint that catches the eye from afar. If you have been looking to get a nice 2 bedroom flat around Unilorin campus.

  1. Benik Hostel:

Benik Hostel as seen on

Only 3% of hostels around Unilorin have a personal transformer. Benik Hostel is one of them. A newly built hostel at the back of the University of Ilorin bus terminus. Fully tiled, with borehole, running water, security guard, private toilet, bathroom and kitchen

  1. Hostel 5 :

Hostel 5 as seen on

This hostel is a one story building with multiple phases all fenced inside a single compound that is well secured. Available facilities include: Borehole, running water system, kitchen cabinet, fenced, store, parking space, and a fully tiled floor. This hostel is located at MFM street, Tanke Ilorin. If privacy is your highest priority, this hostel is the right choice for you.

6. Colony hostel:

Colony hostel as seen on

The list will not be complete without adding the famous colony hostel. Painted with a mixture of milk and green colour, colony phase II hostel is a 2 bedroom flat hostel located around balogun area of tanke Oke odo . This hostel is fully tiled, with a big reservoir that supply water to all the units in the compound. Colony hostel also have a security guard that work around the clock to make sure that the hostel is secured. The occupants in this hostel include working class, married couples and students.

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