Alao Tope Atop
1 min readJan 14, 2018

Unbelievable:here is why you did not gain admission in 2017

I just read this on pulse. And it kept me thinking on how many students have been deprived of their right to gaining University admission just because of this

UI to admit only 3783 out of 56,000 candidates

The University authorities say the institution will admit only a few students because there is no enough space to accommodate the new students in the hostel.
The VC said, ''I must also said that we are allowed to admit about 7,000. We have about 7,300 bed spaces and if you divide that by two you get the reason why we are admitting 3783 candidates next session''.

It's surprising to know that 56% of students who are qualified for admission can't even get admitted because school s can't provide the hostel accommodation

What do you think will happen if the school is assured that their students can get safe off campus hostel to supplement their hostel accommodation capacity? Off course, MORE STUDENTS WILL BE ADMITTED. This is the problem we are solving at

Alao Tope Atop

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